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Welcome ToNonsuch High School for Girls

acavilla smlI feel privileged to be leading a school in which the whole school community commits to excellence: the students at Nonsuch work hard to achieve the results they rightly aspire to and they receive unquestionably strong support from teachers, staff and parents.  Our teachers are experts in their fields and committed to bringing out the best in our students.

Nonsuch High School for Girls is fully committed to the safeguarding of all our students... Click here

Not only do girls here achieve academic excellence but they enjoy contributing to the school and wider community.  In taking part in sporting, creative and fund-raising activities they develop their skills of leadership, creativity and awareness ... Read more 

  • NonsuchHSG Retweeted NonsuchHSG Library - 1st Mar 2021
    It’s World Book Day on Thursday so our is Skysteppers by Katherine Rundell, which is one of the free books available this year. Get your free copy by using your £1 book token, which was emailed to all students last week.
  • @NonsuchHSG - 26th Feb 2021
    Issue 3 of the Student Newsletter is available to read now on Frog:
  • NonsuchHSG Retweeted Nonsuch High School for Girls PTA - 25th Feb 2021
    This is just one of the prizes you could win in our raffle
  • NonsuchHSG Retweeted Nonsuch High School for Girls PTA - 25th Feb 2021
    Get your tickets for the Nonsuch Easter Raffle! There are big prizes to be won.
  • @NonsuchHSG - 24th Feb 2021
  • NonsuchHSG Retweeted Nonsuch PE - 24th Feb 2021
    Well done to everyone who entered the Step competition during half term. As a school, you managed a total of 338,081 steps! All house credits will go towards the Virtual PE Interhouse Cup. See below for the results🚶‍♀️
  • NonsuchHSG Retweeted FalconerChesterHall - 12th Feb 2021
    Mafalda & YuPin from our London team were delighted to be involved in 's careers event yesterday evening, providing inspiration & an insight into an architectural career for the students 👩‍🎓
  • NonsuchHSG Retweeted Silvia Pani - 12th Feb 2021
    Delighted to have been invited to talk at Career Week tonight! What better day than to talk about medical physics?
  • NonsuchHSG Retweeted Nonsuch Design & Technology - 12th Feb 2021
    Today we welcomed to the Design & Technology Department. Feeling good! Cannot wait to welcome back our students and share this with them! ITS FINALLY HERE! WE ARE NONSUCH DT! 🛠💡
  • NonsuchHSG Retweeted Nonsuch PE - 10th Feb 2021
    Well done to everyone who entered the Just Dance Interhouse Competition. All entries will go towards the PE Virtual Interhouse Cup 🏆See below for the results💃
  • NonsuchHSG Retweeted Dr Matthew Clarke - 9th Feb 2021
    Really enjoyed giving a talk “working as a medical detective - enter the hidden world of a pathologist!” for the careers event! 49 pupils signed up! Really impressed with the insightful questions! One question: “Will there be many job opportunities?” OH YES!!
  • @NonsuchHSG - 4th Feb 2021
    Volume 1 of The CARE Bulletin