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Year 8


In Year 8 the focus is to raise aspirations and improve motivation and students start to look at the world of work and how the subjects they study at school link in to various careers.

During the year students attend sessions run by our independent and impartial careers advisor and all students take a careers personality test to help them understand their own strengths and match individual aptitudes to potential careers.  They have the opportunity to investigate various careers, exploring the gender balance, entry routes, regional employment rates, job prospects etc.

Students also receive information on how to access the school's Careers Library and Careers Website on Frog.   Both provide access to impartial and independent information about a wide range of careers, education and training options and students are encouraged to carry out further independent research and exploration.  Students are also introduced to Gameplan which is a free games-based website that allows 9-14 year olds and their parents to explore university.   

Students are also able to self-refer to meet with our independent and impartial Careers Advisor by emailing:  Mrs Suvari who is the School Careers Leader.

To see what your child's typical CEIAG journey may look like whilst at Nonsuch, please see our CEIAG Programme