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House System

The House System provides a vibrant and exciting dimension to school life at Nonsuch offering personal development opportunities in 4 key areas:

  • Social skills through making a positive contribution to the whole school community
  • Achievement by allowing pupils to reach their full potential in an enjoyable context
  • Determination through active involvement and participation in inter-house competitions
  • Leadership skills are developed by pupils taking responsibility for their form/house and by presenting Sixth Form House Officials as exemplary role models

All pupils enjoy inter-house activities and have a keen sense of house identity through competition and interaction with pupils in other year groups.

All students belong to one of seven houses:

Seven Houses

  p> The student lanyards, which are worn as part of the school uniform, are in the house colours.

We also celebrate our houses by displaying house flags in the school hall; with the current house champions’ flag taking pride of place at the front.

House events

The House System offers a diverse range of opportunities to all students. Inter-house competitions provide cross-curricular and cross-year group activities that will contribute to the students’ development and the school’s caring and creative ethos.

Events include:

  • Inter-house sports
  • Halloween competitions
  • The Talent Show
  • Eco Fashion Show
  • NIM (Nonsuch Inter-house Music) Awards



We value the house credits system at Nonsuch greatly as a means of rewarding outstanding work and celebrating the many achievements of the girls.

House credits are awarded for outstanding individual achievement, effort, creativity or for demonstrating active citizenship.

Students receive certificates during Year Assembly when they attain 10, 20, 50, 75 and 100 credits. In addition, prizes can be won for taking part in the many interhouse events.

The latest information on house credit totals and house standings can be found in the Weekly Newsletters.