School re-opening in September

Nonsuch School is a large school in beautiful surroundings but close to bustling Cheam Broadway. This presents a number of challenges as we plan for the return to school. We will be reminding our students of the importance of respectful and safe conduct at the bus stops in the village.

We have staggered the start of the school day over the period of an hour in order to ease demand on the roads and public transport. The arrivals at school will be staggered from 8.15 a.m. to 09.15 a.m. and departures from 2.20pm to 3.30pm.

Please read our letter to parents for an idea of the mitigations we have put in place to facilitate the return to school.

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Letter to Parents and Carers - 21 August 2020 FAQs - 1 September 2020
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Advice on the coronavirus for places of education


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UPDATE:   Letter to Parents and Carers - 21 August 2020