• NonsuchHSG Retweeted Nonsuch Design & Technology - 27th Jan 2021
    Students have been exploring the work of others and re-designing the famous London Underground roundels.
  • NonsuchHSG Retweeted Nonsuch Design & Technology - 27th Jan 2021
    KS3 D&T Textiles unit. Students have been designing bags and exploring hand embroidery. Here are some of our favourites.
  • NonsuchHSG Retweeted NonsuchHSG Library - 27th Jan 2021
    The annual Harry Potter Day will take place remotely on Thursday 4th February. There are 3 House Competitions; Book Reviews, Fanfiction and Dress up as well as many activities available on the library Frog page.
  • NonsuchHSG Retweeted NonsuchHSG Library - 25th Jan 2021
    The is the haunting beautiful, The Book Thief. The 27 January is . For more ideas on what to read, to commemorate this event, please visit the reading lists tab on the library frog page.
  • @NonsuchHSG - 22nd Jan 2021
    We are pleased to announce a new publication of the Nonsuch Student Newsletter, written by the students, for the students.
  • NonsuchHSG Retweeted Nonsuch PE - 21st Jan 2021
    Well done to everyone who entered the Design a Football Shirt Competition! Here are the results below👍
  • NonsuchHSG Retweeted Nonsuch PE - 15th Jan 2021
    Here is our first virtual interhouse competition of 2021! Below are all the details you need to enter. Good luck👍
  • @NonsuchHSG - 13th Jan 2021
    Congratulations to Hannah who achieved Gold and Emma who gained Bronze in the Physics British Olympiad this year. Out of 3700 entries only 104 students secured Gold and only 271 students secured Bronze. The Physics department and the whole school is so proud of you both.
  • NonsuchHSG Retweeted NonsuchHSG Library - 5th Jan 2021
    Nonsuch subscribes to The Day. If you would like to access this useful resource please email Ms Connor for details.
  • NonsuchHSG Retweeted Nonsuch Design & Technology - 5th Jan 2021
    Happy New Year! What will you design this year?
  • NonsuchHSG Retweeted NonsuchHSG Library - 5th Jan 2021
    Happy New Year! What books will you read in 2021? Will you aim to read more classics or reread a book that you love? The Call of the Wild, a classic, short, adventure novel has been chosen as the first for 2021. It is available to read now on our ebook platform.
  • @NonsuchHSG - 17th Dec 2020
    Thank you to the House Officials and the PTA for organising a virtual school fundraising event to replace our Christmas fair. Students produced songs with Christmas lyrics, decorated their Form room doors and had a Christmas themed mufti day! Wishing you all a merry Christmas!

Parent Communication

  15th May 2020  

Dear parents and carers,

You will no doubt have heard the Prime Minister’s announcement on Sunday night regarding the possible steps that may be taken to move us collectively forward and out of the current lockdown.

Depending on the five key highlighted measures, it is intended that those who are due to take key examinations next year are to receive some face-to-face support to supplement the remote education they are receiving: specifically students in the current Years 10 and 12.

There is much work to be done before this can happen and there are many safeguards that we must put into place. We have been writing our own risk assessments and action plans in preparation with the safety and welfare of our students and staff as the over-arching principle.

We await detailed guidance from the Department for Education but the next stage must be focused on recovery and reconnecting as a school community, in the best and safest way possible. Now that we have a bit more clarity there will be some changes to our daily practice in the next few weeks both in school and through the work we are setting for all year groups. This involves increasing the interactivity of our remote teaching and learning.

As a school we will continue to set work for all students until the end of this academic year and again I will be in contact with you on the next direction we will take in due course and ensure that the overview of work is accessible to parents also.

Best wishes,

Ms Cavilla