Celebrating International Women’s Day in style at Nonsuch

Commentary: Head Girls Tanya Dhilwayo and Olivia Stephenson

The evening was full of inspirational guest speakers and it was lovely to see so many girls from Nonsuch and Wallington showing an active interest in their futures.

It was great to see a variety of careers and subjects with a total of 57 speakers, many of whom were Nonsuch alumni.

Noteably, we had talks encouraging girls into engineering, game design and computing, law and a senior lecturer in medical sciences amongst other engaging talks. This is especially prominent as tonight was the eve of International Women’s Day whereby Nonsuch strives to inspire and encourage students.  We continue to celebrate throughout the week 100 years of women having the vote.

It wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing help and support of our the sixth form leadership team and we’re sure that walkie talkies and crisps were a worthy incentive.

Thank you to all the members of staff who helped arrange one of the biggest events in the Nonsuch calendar ,which is a great example of how Nonsuch plays an active role in nurturing our future interests.

Hope to see many more at next years event!


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