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School Uniform


School uniform is worn by all students in Years 7-11.  

School Uniform Shopping - Summer 2022

School uniform is available from Stevensons at Lester Bowden in Epsom, or by contacting the PTA for pre-loved school uniform items.   Remission of the cost of some uniform items is available to students eligible for free school meals and those whose parents are entitled to the maximum level of working tax credit.   Parents should contact the Administration Office via office@nonsuchschool.org for further information. 

Students transitioning to the school will be given personal appointments at Stevensons to obtain the uniform. 
Please contact Stevensons to arrange an appointment. 


Contact Details for Stevensons:

Stevensons at Lester Bowden
The Old Spreadeagle
109-113 High Street
Surrey  KT19 8DN 

Tel:         01372 747474
Website:  www.stevensons.co.uk


Please click on the link below for further information:

2022 Uniform Price List