PSHE Overview 7-13



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Who delivers PSHE?

PSHE is taught via the weekly tutorial lesson (on either Monday afternoon or Thursday morning).   This is usually delivered by tutors, although some sessions are led by the school nurse.   We also invite outside groups to talk to students about certain issues.   The chart below shows content that involves outside speakers.

Year Group Topic Taught by
7 First Aid
Personal and Road Safety
Being a Young Carer
St John's Ambulance
Sutton Police
Sutton Young Carers
8 Learning Resilience
Going into Business

Sutton Wellbeing Service
Women in Business

9 Sex and Marriage
Careers Advice
Alcohol and Drugs Abuse
Contributing to an International Charity
Challenge Team UK
Careers Team, Parents in school
School Nursing Service
Switch, Sutton
Friends of Kipkelion
10 Online/e-Safety
First Aid
Relationships and Domestic Violence and Abuse
Looking after your Mental Wellbeing

Stephen Welding from Sutton COGNUS
St John's Ambulance
The Limes, Sutton
School Nursing Service
The Samaritans

11 Volunteering over the Summer
Understanding the Consequences of Gun and Knife Crime
National Citizen Service (NCS)
Firearms Command Police Officer



When topics are taught


PSHE Overview - When subjects are taught

PSHE Overview Years 7-13