Curriculum Aims

Whole School Overview


The School’s aim is to empower our young women and enrich their lives to ensure they aspire to confidently take their centre stage place in the world.  We want students to enjoy learning, to become independent and effective learners and to achieve academic success in an atmosphere that fosters positive relationships and mental health, promotes equality and celebrates diversity. 

Our curriculum is broad and balanced;  it provides intellectual challenge, develops creativity and curiosity and empowers our students to articulate their thinking confidently so that they can play a full and significant role in society.  The curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities promote social and cultural enrichment and a strong sense of community.  The advice and guidance enables students to make wise, informed and ambitious choices. 

We promote the values of respect, integrity, positivity and courage.  We want our students to engage with the local and wider community in the belief that they can make a difference.