School Meals

ASPENS March 2021 Comm.

March 2021


Aspens Services Ltd has been chosen to provide the catering at Nonsuch High School for Girls.  They offer varied menus using fresh, high quality and locally sourced food that is cooked in our school canteen.  Information about Aspens can be found on their website by clicking here.


Our menus are constantly evolving and are refreshed and advertised within school. 

For the return to school in September 2020, our menus have been temporarily simplified.  This is to enable us to ensure we have the correct processes in place, to ensure speed in our food service (due to shorter break and lunchtimes) and to minimise queue times.  We will review our menus again over the course of the autumn term and hope to bring back more menu choices once we are fully open. 

Please click on the right-hand link to view our current tariff:



A cashless payment system is operated reducing the problems of cash in the school, reduce queuing times and encourage healthy eating.  Payment is made online via ParentPay and more information can be found on the ParentPay website.

This credit balance on the ParentPay account is debited each time a student purchases food items from the catering service at breakfast, mid-morning break and lunch.   A maximum daily spend limit of £5.00 is set (please email the catering team via if you wish to have a different daily limit); however an average daily spend is estimated at £3.00 per day.  Main Meal and Dessert is currently £2.50.

Are you entitled to free school meals? 

As a parent or carer, you may be eligible to receive Free School Meals and funding for your child’s school through the Pupil Premium if you receive eligible benefits.  Government information abourt Free School Meals can be found the government website  Apply for Free School Meals 

If you think you might be eligible for Free School Meals at Nonsuch High School for Girls, we encourage you to visit the London Borough of Sutton website which will help you to establish if you can claim.   If eligible, please apply via the London Borough of Sutton Free School Meals webpage  (this includes all families whose child attends Nonsuch High School for Girls, regardless of whether you live in the London Borough of Sutton).   If eligibility is confirmed, your child’s details will be passed to the school to arrange for your child to receive Free School Meals and for the school to receive the Pupil Premium funding.