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Student Leadership Team 2022


Sixth Formers are involved in decision making at every level – they lead their own
learning and they learn to lead others, too.


Girls in our Sixth Form are important role models to their younger peers.

Every member of the Sixth Form is given the opportunity to hold a position of responsibility, enabling them to develop leadership and managerial skills and to contribute to the development of the school community. Senior student leaders are actively involved in every area of school life at Nonsuch, making a difference by innovating and implementing changes that benefit all our students.






Who they are and what they do

   ♦    Head Student Team  


2022-04 Head student team

Hi!  We are the Head Student Team and we are looking forward to implementing new initiatives in order to benefit the whole school community whilst developing our wider skills.   Through support provided from Ms. Cavilla and the Sixth Form Team, we will work together to help the student body as a pathway of discussion to staff.   As a close-knit team we are committed to ensure that all students enrich their experience by excelling in all elements of Nonsuch.



   ♦    Champions of Anti-Racism and Equality  (CARE)  

Hi!  We are the CARE Team (Champions of Anti-Racism and Equality)!  Our priority is to create a safe environment where all students are comfortable voicing and expressing themselves.   We work collaboratively with the staff in our CARE Council to promote and celebrate a myriad of cultures within our community.   It is also our role to help the school take the right steps to achieve equality and tackle all forms of discrimination.   We are all eager to bring about change and plan on hosting a wide range of events to continue to celebrate diversity.   

2022-03 CARE Team Photo 2



   ♦    Arts Team  

2022-04 Arts Team 2

As the Arts team here at Nonsuch, we believe that the Creative Arts are vital in encouraging self-expression, building confidence, and a sense of individual identify.  We are aiming to promote the use of the Arts within the school curriculum, PSHE, school events and extra-curriculars to encourage good mental wellbeing and to create an exciting, interactive experience here at Nonsuch.  The Arts are invaluable in daily school life as they enhance positive personal growth that other academic subjects may not provide.  Therefore, as a team this year, we want to create a difference in the arts, creating new opportunities for all students to take part in and showcase their diverse, creative hidden talents to the Nonsuch community.  We are so excited to start creating, performing, and inspiring!



   ♦    Sports Team  

As the Sports leadership team this year, we are excited to increase the variety of sports available at Nonsuch to make sure everyone has the opportunity to play a sport they enjoy.   Of course the pandemic put a halt to a lot of extra-curricular activities, but we hope our enthusiasm for sports encourages everyone to get back into the ones they already love, or to even try something new!   Exercise should be an essential part of our everday lives to boost our physical and mental health, and we all look forward to working with other year groups to get everone active and having fun! 

2022-03 Sports Team



   ♦    STEM Team  

2022-03 STEM

As the STEM team this year, we want to encourage and motivate you to follow your passions for STEM.  From engineering to biology, STEM presents itself with a multitude of future career opportunities and we want to convey our passion by inviting you to explore these possible options.   As a team of motivated students, we want to give back to the Nonsuch community through passing down our passion for STEM and hopefully, we hope to inspire the young minds of the students to convince them into their potential future career. 




   ♦    House Officials  

Hi!  We are the Nonsuch House Official Team!  Our role in the school community is to oversee all the house competitions, like Battle of the Bands and Masterchef.   We are all extremely enthusiastic about house events because they create a thrilling environment in the school, where friendly competition is encouraged.  Our aim is to increase participation across all years so as to boost team spirit and morale around the school.  Afterall, your house is like your family here at Nonsuch!  

2022-03 House officials




   ♦    Sixth Form Committee  

2022-03 Sixt Form Committee

Hello everyone!  We are the Sixth Form Committee and we bring the fun to our Sixth Formers!  We host many events throughout the year to raise money for our May Ball which happens at the end of Year 13.  Events include bake sales, movie nights, and game nights to lighten the moods of our peers during these stressful times and to make sure our last years at Nonsuch are the most exciting!