• SLT team 2021 v2

Student Leadership Team 2021


Sixth Formers are involved in decision making at every level – they lead their own
learning and they learn to lead others, too.


Girls in our Sixth Form are important role models to their younger peers.

Every member of the Sixth Form is given the opportunity to hold a position of responsibility, enabling them to develop leadership and managerial skills and to contribute to the development of the school community. Senior student leaders are actively involved in every area of school life at Nonsuch, making a difference by innovating and implementing changes that benefit all our students.





Who they are and what they do

   ♦    Head Student Team  

Head Girl Team 2021

As members of the Student Leadership Team, we have the opportunity to contribute to whole school change by implementing new initiatives with the support of Ms Cavilla and the Sixth Form Team, as well as build our own interpersonal and leadership skills. Though each member of the team has their own goals, we work together to facilitate a discussion between the student body and staff. This year our team is going to focus on developing the PSHE curriculum, developing a strong mentorship programme and student empowerment. Our aim is to increase accessibility and inclusivity of all subjects, inside and outside of the curriculum. We are a close-knit team dedicated to ensuring that all students excel both socially and academically during their time at Nonsuch. 



   ♦    Champions of Anti-Racism and Equality  (CARE)  

The CARE team (champions of anti-racism and equality) is all about uplifting minority voices to make school a safe place for all.   We are made up of a mixture of students and staff all with a common focus:  embracing the huge diversity within our school population.   We are here to ensure that as a school, we are taking the correct steps to tackling all forms of discrimination.   CARE is planning a wide range of events for all students to look forward to and are excited for what the next year holds. 

CARE team 2021



   ♦    Arts Team  

We are the Nonsuch Arts Team.

Arts Team 2021

This year we are looking forward to advocating for and promoting the arts as an integral of the Nonsuch community and experience.  As a team, our priority is engaging the school body with the arts in different ways, whether it be in lessons, extra-curricular clubs, workshops, or as a career.  The importance of the arts to the school cannot be overstated; we aim to encourage a passion for arts subjects and the development of related skills that are undoubtedly beneficial and transferable.  In our times as the Arts Team, we hope to boost interest in the arts, especially in the sixth form, with an emphasis on well-being.  We are excited for the following year and hope to make a real difference.




   ♦    Sports Team  

As the Sports Team, our main role is to encourage enjoyment in sport and to make sure everyone feels included.  We hope to increase participation again after the restrictions of the pandemic in the previous year and pass on our love and enthusiasm for sports to the rest of the school.  We want to get students active as sport has a positive effect on wellbeing and can improve mental health.  We are very excited to work with the other year groups and look forward to planning lots of fun sports events for students to get involved in.

Sports Team 2021



   ♦    STEM Team  

Stem Team 2021 v3

As the STEM team, we aim to get everyone involved in the STEM subjects and make them as accessible and engaging as possible. We will be promoting the exploration of a range of STEM interests, giving students an insight into just how extensive the field is, by running initiatives that are open to all. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the school community and work collaboratively with staff and fellow students, and we hope that fortifying our teamwork, creativity and organisational skills will prepare us for whatever we plan to do in the future.





   ♦    House Officials  

Hi!  We're the House Officials team and we oversee all the house competitions and events that take place at Nonsuch, for example Interhouse MasterChef and the talent show.   We also award house credits for entering the many competitions we have on offer; at the end of the year, the house with most credits wins the house cup!  As firm believers of balance between academics and leisure in school life, our main goal this year is to encourage widespread participation within the whole school community - after all, age is just a number!

House Officials 2021 v2





   ♦    Sixth Form Committee  

Sixth Form Committee 2021

Hello!  We’re the Sixth Form Committee and we’re the designated party throwers!  We host a range of events such as movie nights, themed dress up days, and cake sales - all in anticipation towards the the May Ball at the end of Year 13.  Additionally, we actively try to improve the wellbeing of our peers. We are eager to enable everyone to have as much fun as possible during sixth form alongside schoolwork!