Student Leadership


Sixth Formers are involved in decision making at every level – they lead their own
learning and they learn to lead others, too.


Girls in our Sixth Form are important role models to their younger peers.

Every member of the Sixth Form is given the opportunity to hold a position of responsibility, enabling them to develop leadership and managerial skills and to contribute to the development of the school community. Senior student leaders are actively involved in every area of school life at Nonsuch, making a difference by innovating and implementing changes that benefit all our students.





Who they are and what they do

   ♦    Head Girl Team  

SLT - Head Girl Team 2020

As members of the head girl team we have the opportunity to contribute to whole school change as well as develop our own interpersonal skills.  We are able to implement new initiatives with the support of Ms Cavilla and the Sixth Form Team, and facilitate a discussion between the student body and the staff.   Though each member of the team has their own goals that they are able to develop, we work together on essential life skills such as confidence, organisation and responsibility.  This year our team are going to focus on raising the presence of school council within the school, alongside raising awareness about student wellbeing and active citizenship.  We are a close-knit team dedicated to ensuring that all students excel both socially and academically during their time at Nonsuch.



   ♦    Champions of Anti-Racism and Equality  (CARE)  

6th - CARE - Nov 2020

We are Nonsuch's Champions of Anti-Racism and Equality (CARE).  We are comprised of members from across the whole school and multiple teachers. 

Our aim is to educate our community on how to be actively anti-racist and strong allies for one another. We also aim to improve racial equality throughout the whole school and ensure that every pupil feels safe and heard. 



   ♦    Arts Team  

Arts Team - March 2020

As the Arts Team, we work around the school to promote the arts through various events and to inspire students to get involved in unique ways.  We aim to raise the profile of the arts as well as make students aware of all the opportunities available for them, whether as a career or as a hobby; the arts are an enjoyable creative outlet as well as being integral in forming meaningful connections.  During our time in post, we have thoroughly enjoyed helping out with events such as Year 7 and Year 12 induction day.  We are looking forward to continuing "The Review", running a Textiles fashion show, launching new KS4 art clubs as well as incorporating more of an artistic approach to healthy mental wellbeing through the formation of relaxing art sessions.



   ♦    Sports Team  

Sports Team - Oct 2020 2

As the Sports Team this year, we have focused on increasing participation and unity within school sport.  We meet weekly as a team, which has helped us to successfully raise £270 in Sport Relief Week, write and present the annual gym and dance display and sports awards evenings and help organise sports day last summer.  Being a part of the team has improved our team-work and creativity greatly through updating the Nonsuchpe Instagram and sports boards around school.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in post so far and cannot wait to continue supporting the sport at school as much as we can!



   ♦    STEM Team  

As the STEM team this year, we are all very passionate about promoting participation and interest in STEM, especially beyond the curriculum. During our time in post, we will focus on starting a half-termly newsletter and wider reading blog, as well as running STEM week and starting and promoting STEM-related clubs. We hope that working as a team to achieve our goals will enable us to develop our team work, communication and organisational skills, all of which will be invaluable to us later in life.

STEM team - March 2020





   ♦    House Officials  

As house officials, our main role is overlooking all the house competitions and events that take place within the school. As well as organising the events, we promote them and encourage everyone to get involved, participate and share our enthusiasm for the house system as a whole. This year our main goal is to include more house events for the sixth form, as well as further developing and improving existing competitions.

House Officials March 2020





   ♦    Sixth Form Committee  

We are the Sixth Form Committee of Nonsuch, a strong and welcoming group of students that work to improve the quality of our Sixth Form.  To do this, we implement new initiatives, host fundraisers and plan student events, such as the May Ball in Year 13 and year-round bake sales. We are responsible for organising the greatest memories of one's life in the Sixth Form, before solidifying these into a creative and unforgettable yearbook. Our members are approachable and open to any concerns and needs of students, allowing us to adjust our plans and ideas accordingly.   Having such a prominent and interactive role in the Sixth Form gives us the amazing chance to bond with other students and make an everlasting difference in the Nonsuch school community.

Sixth Form Committee - Oct 2020 2