ACES Award

The ACES award is a bespoke accreditation designed by Nonsuch and endorsed by Goldsmiths and Leicester Universities.

The ACES award encourages students to discover new skills and interests and develop a sense of responsibility and personal commitment to doing what they can to improve the world around them and increase the well-being of others.. In short, ACES is designed to aid students in becoming better persons, more active and committed citizens, and future leaders working to create a better world.

Students should complete 25 hours under each of the sections for Creativity, Action and Service and 10 hours for Exploration. The programme should be completed when students begin Year 13.

Creativity – is interpreted as imaginatively as possible to cover a wide range of arts and other activities and to include creativity by the individual student in designing and carrying out service projects.

Action – participation in expeditions (including DoE), individual and team sports and physical training; it can also include carrying out creative and service projects.

Service – collaborative engagement with the community through voluntary work; it can include environmental and international projects

Exploration – demonstrating intellectual curiosity by going beyond ones subject and investigating areas of interest which encourage asking why and how and applying this knowledge to think innovatively

This programme will encourage students to be involved in activities as individuals, and as part of a team. It will enable students to enhance their personal and interpersonal development as well as their social and civic development.

Examples of what students can participate in to complete the ACES award can be seen in the table below:

ACES Award Clubs