Elective Programme and Enrichment

We passionately believe that balance is key in creating grounded and rounded young people. We regard our Sixth Form programme to be the best preparation for university for our students. The information below will give you details of our Key Stage 5 curriculum.

Elective Programme and Enrichment Afternoon

We are increasingly aware of the competition that our young people face when entering the workplace and the huge emphasis that employers place on personal skills and potential. It is increasingly felt by employers and universities that school leavers are often poorly equipped for life after school. In particular, students are unable to think for themselves outside the classroom and lack resilience and perseverance when faced with new challenges. It is therefore our aim to provide a programme of enrichment that develops the skills needed to be successful after Nonsuch as well as provide opportunities for every student to get involved. A special part of our Sixth Form curriculum is you have time each week dedicated to an elective programme. We offer a whole range courses (please see below for our current provision which will be updated for 2018) to suit your interests.

Arts Award                                             Dissection

*  Extended Project Qualification                  Model United Nations

*  Sports Leaders Qualification                      12 steps to a more compassionate life

If you opt for science A levels but find you miss Art, you can undertake a Silver Arts Award enabling you to continue to nurture and experiment with your artistic talents. Alternatively, you might cultivate an interest in Veterinary Science by undertaking regular dissections. Embarking on an EPQ enables you to demonstrate a passion in a subject of choice and work in a style that is required by universities. Examples of recent research projects for the EPQ include the following: Is Ada Lovelace a good role model for women in computing? Should Catalonia secede from Spain? To what extent would it be economically beneficial for Catalonia? To what extent is European colonial rule responsible for socio-political problems in Africa?

Students in sixth form also have the opportunity to volunteer in the local community one afternoon a fortnight. Community service is a significant part of our Enrichment afternoon and takes various forms. You might volunteer in local nursing homes, charity shops or primary schools.

“Overall I really loved the experience at the local primary school and it was very fulfilling to feel as if I had in some way contributed to the amazing work the school does.”