Sixth Form Curriculum Offer

As you enter Sixth Form, it is time for you to take the lead, both in your studies and outside the classroom. Through your A level choices you will start shaping your future. Alongside all things academic, you will have the chance to be involved in all aspects of school life, setting up new clubs and serving both the school and local community. At the heart of our curriculum is the individual person, and our belief that our young women are the leaders of the future. To this end, our curriculum package develops our students’ confidence, compassion and spirit of enquiry.

6th form Curriculum Offer Graphic

We have relished the change to linear A levels (and away from modules). Removing ‘bite-size’ learning and replacing it with robust and rigorous courses over two years enables each individual to have an uninterrupted programme of study that allows them the time and flexibility to work in depth, both in their curricular and super-curricular interests.

For many students, the shift from GCSE to A level is the greatest change they will encounter. From 10 or 11 subjects you will study for 3 A levels plus a course from our elective programme. You will have more time to plan your own way of working and will have more responsibility to ensure that you deliver and work independently. For each subject you will receive 10 hours of teaching per fortnight in Year 12 and 9 hours in Year 13. This is on a par with the curriculum time given to A Level at Wallington Girls’ and a more generous allowance of teaching time for A Level than at other selective sixth forms.                                               

Academic work is a key aspect in Sixth Form. Many of you will study 3 A level subjects and you will have a completely free choice from the selection. We give personalised advice to each student to enable you to make wise decisions. We will advise which subjects complement each other, which will be necessary if you have your sights set on a particular career path or specific university course (taking into account the Russell Group’s ‘facilitating subjects’), or indeed which will provide diversity. We can help you identify where your strengths lie so that you choose subjects where you will perform your best across the board. You will have top universities in your sights.