Our Journey




GLT was formed in September 2015 and to date has achieved the following:

  • Strong student outcomes at both of the original schools
  • Growth to three schools in April 2018 when Carshalton High School for Girls joined
  • Continued recruitment of excellent staff
  • The Headteachers have been freed from the business functions of the school to allow more of a focus on school performance
  • Effective sharing and benchmarking of school data has enabled better evaluation of performance
  • Centralisation of support functions has resulted in significant cost savings
  • A Trust-wide improvement strategy focussed on collaboration and support between schools including Executive team support, a cross-Trust dept. review programme and support for underperforming departments
  • Effective staff development including a Trust-wide teacher development  programme, annual GLT staff conference, and a sharing of expertise and resources
  • Increased student opportunities through subject collaboration, joint careers events, Higher Education programme, competitions and student leadership training
  • A strong Trust  Board and governance model that allows specialisation at committee level including Local Governing Bodies (LGBs)
  • A financially secure Trust able to support and manage further growth of the Trust



We aim to:

  • Grow, but in a manageable way - 5 schools in the Trust by 2020
  • Remain as an all-girls Trust that has a clear identity
  • Include non-selective schools in the Trust to further strengthen the model
  • Retain financial stability as the Trust grows by achieving cost economies of scale