DofE 17-18

Nonsuch is registered with the London Region Operating Authority.


Mrs Holmes         Award Manager
Mrs Avraamides  Award Coordinator 

Queries to:


All queries regarding the expeditions
should be directed to Activ Adventures

Tel:     020 8940 0130


Mrs Holmes is available 1.05-1.35pm
on Tuesdays in the PE classroom

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to the eDofE website to check for
messages and queries on evidence a couple
of days after submitting. 
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DofE17 - CampsiteIf you have any queries, please contact Mrs Avraamides or Mrs Holmes. 

Any girl in Year 9 and above can enrol on the programme at the relevant level:

      Year 9                         Bronze

      Year 10                       Bronze or Silver
      Year 11, 12 and 13       Bronze, Silver or Gold


The Award consists of four sections (five at Gold):

  • Volunteering
  • Skills
  • Physical Recreation
  • Expedition
  • Residential (Gold only)

The participants must demonstrate commitment to the sections by logging their involvement on a weekly basis for a sustained period of time.

The expedition section can be completed with any DofE Approved Activity Provider.  Activ provides expedition training at Nonsuch if you opt to sign up with them for the expedition.  All questions regarding the expeditions with Activ should be directed to Activ Adventures who are solely responsible for the expeditions.  Nonsuch staff are not normally in attendance at the expeditions, which can be held close to home at Bronze level (Surrey Hills) or further away for Gold. 

The enrolment cost includes the Duke of Edinburgh Award Registration fee.  The expedition fees shown are the costs if the expedition is completed with Active.  The expedition costs include all the training, supervision, campsite fees and assessment as well as the provision of tents and stoves.  Travel costs are not included.  Suitable rucksacks can be hired at competitive rates.  The Gold expeditions are generally held in locations such as the Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia.

Costs 2017-18

  • Bronze:    £30 enrolment with school and  £260 expedition + travel costs
  • Silver:      £30 enrolment with school and  £325 expedition + travel costs
  • Gold:        £37 enrolment with school and  £540 expedition + travel costs



  1. Girls need to be available for the expeditions and must attend planning sessions
  2. Travel costs to expedition sites are in addition to expedition fees


Expedition Dates  2017-18

All questions regarding the expeditions should be directed to Activ Adventures.


To download and print a PDF copy of the 2017-18 Expedition Schedule, please click here.

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D - Parent and student responsibilities... 16th Aug 201845 KB Download
Expedition Dates 2017-18 21st Sep 2018191 KB Download
Physical - Assessor's Report 13th Sep 2017111 KB Download
Physical - Programme Planner 13th Sep 2017104 KB Download
Skills - Assessor's Report 13th Sep 2017115 KB Download
Skills - Programme Planner 13th Sep 2017105 KB Download
Using your participant log book 2017-18 13th Sep 2017383 KB Download
Volunteering - Assessor's Report 13th Sep 2017110 KB Download
Volunteering - Programme Planner 13th Sep 201757 KB Download