• Spring front of school - March 2020

Year 7 Admissions September 2021


Applications for Year 7 entry in September 2021 are now open - click here for the registration

 Please see the links on the left for FAQs and other relevant information.

If you have any questions regarding admissions, please email admissions@nonsuchschool.org


The Selective Eligibility Test for 2021 entry  that was due to be held on 15th September is postponed. This will allow candidates time to settle back into their normal school routine and for schools to plan the tests in light of imminently expected Government guidance.

We will not be able to confirm a new date for the SET until the GCSE and A level examination boards publish their timetable for the Autumn Series as we will need to avoid any clash between the two. Our current intention is for the Selective Eligibility Test (and second stage tests for those schools who have these) to take place  in November; we will confirm this at the beginning of the autumn term.

This necessary delay means that the Selective Eligibility Test will now take place after the deadline for submission of your Local Authority Common Application Form (31st October 2020). Any questions about this must be addressed to your Local Authority as schools do not have any involvement in this part of the process.