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to the Parents and Teachers Association for Nonsuch High School for Girls.  You are automatically a member now that your daughter is enrolled in our school.

Your daughter’s time at Nonsuch is very important and most of us want to help with the education and wellbeing of our daughters during the years they spend at the school.  So, in consultation with the staff, we do whatever we can to help. Fundraising, for example, is vital because, sadly, national funding never covers everything needed to produce real excellence in education. And we know that some parents find it helpful to meet parents of their daughter’s friends – as this is much harder at secondary than primary school, so we try to fill that gap with our social events.

There is a calendar of events on this page listing the different events taking place in the coming months.  We will let you know more about the events and the many ways you can support via the weekly school newsletter and through our online parent community on Classlist.

So simply log on to www.classlist.com to register and help us build a closer PTA school community.  (Classlist is also available to download in the App Store and Google Play).


What is the PTA and what does it do?

Our PTA is the Parents and Teachers Association for Nonsuch High School for Girls.  Through the PTA, these groups (including staff) act together for the benefit of the school and its students.

We actively raise funds to support the school with a number of initiatives to enrich our children’s education, overall development and school experience.  The events we run are also a great opportunity to bring parents together.

Examples of how PTA helps:

  • Fundraising (including running the 200+ Club)
  • Organising social events for both girls and parents – including the Year 7 parents' social evening
  • Serving refreshments at a variety of key events/meetings
  • Selling second-hand uniform
  • Supporting the school and improving communication

Yearly calendar

Our regular events include:

  • September – Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • October – Year 7 Categories Quiz
  • November/December – Parents and Carers Christmas Party Night  
  • December – School Christmas Fair
  • March – Quiz Night
  • May – Year 13 Leavers’ Breakfast
  • July – Welcome Event (for new parents) / Summer Fair every 2 years

Details of all of these events and others run or supported by the PTA are publicised in the weekly school newsletter and on the PTA Calendar.

How do I join?

The PTA is a perfect way for you to engage with your child’s education and school.  You do not have to be a committee member, do the accounts or even bake cakes!  If you don’t have much time, but would like to help, there are plenty of ways you can join in. 

First, you are invited to come along and find out what the PTA is all about at our monthly meeting on the 1st Wednesday of every month during school term.

To deliver the variety of events and activities, we need people to get actively involved.  We always need volunteers to help at specific events, but perhaps you are good at writing or designing or have a business that offers services we may be able to use? 

If you would like to help, volunteer your skills in any way or join the committee, please get in touch with Ms Vidhya Murali on PTA@nonsuchschool.org


What does the PTA do with the funds it raises?

In the last couple of years, we have raised in excess of £30,000 which has funded the following:

  • Heart rate monitors for the PE department
  • Heart start defibrillator training machines for first aid training
  • Non-fiction books for the library
  • Desks, chairs, whiteboard and IT equipment for two classrooms in the new building
  • Trophy display cabinet
  • Student achievement awards
  • PE department – Sports awards
  • JSTOR subscription for academic papers - annually
  • Design Technology department equipment
  • Design Technology – Car kits for club      
  • Drama department – Costumes for production                                                                  
  • Art easels

Christmas tree – annually            

What is the 200+ Club?

The  200+ Club is a monthly raffle organised by the PTA to raise funds for the school.  Each year we raise up to £6,000 for school projects.(with £6,000 a year also given away in monthly cash prizes). 

Each parent can buy a number from 1 to 200 for £5 per month and there is a monthly draw to win cash prizes up to £500.

If you would like the chance to win up to £500 per month, please complete the PTA 200+ Club form available on this page and return it to the school as directed.  Remember, all money raised (apart from prizes) goes directly to the school, even if you don’t win, your daughter will benefit hugely!


How do I contact the Pta?

Our chair is Ms Vidhya Murali and you can email her at PTA@nonsuchschool.org   Alternatively, you can send in letters via the school office, marked for Ms Murali’s attention and clearly labelled PTA.


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