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Student Progress & Reporting to Parents

We aim to keep parents informed about their daughter's progress in a variety of ways.  In each year group there will be one Parent Teacher Consultation meeting and three progress reports.  Key dates for assessment and reporting are highlighted on the assessment calendar link below.  You will receive each report by email and be notified in the weekly email (sent on a Friday)of their arrival. 

We operate an on-line booking system for Parents’ Evenings.  The information as to how to do this will be uploaded to Frog about three weeks before the evening. At the appropriate time the weekly email will include an alert to look at Frog.  Appointments will open a few days after this to give everyone a chance to download the instructions.  It is a simple procedure once you have signed in.

There are also dedicated Information Evenings for specific year groups regarding the Curriculum, Pastoral Care and Subject Options.

All students are given a personal diary at the start of each academic year.  This contains useful school information and space in which to record homework on a daily basis.  Parents are expected to sign the diary each week, as will your daughter's Form Tutor.  Parents with any specific concerns should in the first instance contact the Form Tutor.

                                         Reporting and Assessment Guidance for Parents

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