When is the Nonsuch and Wallington Second Stage Entrance Examination?

A joint Second Stage Entrance Examination will be held by Nonsuch High School for Girls and Wallington High School for Girls on Saturday 1 October 2022.  Both the test and the criteria applied to be of selective ability will be common to both schools.  All girls who reach the minimum qualifying mark the Selective Eligibility Test will be invited to sit the Nonsuch and Wallington Second Stage Entrance Examination (hereafter NWSSEE).


What is in the NWSSEE?

There are two elements: an English paper and a Maths paper. They will not be multiple-choice. Each paper will last between 40 and 50 minutes. The tests will not include verbal reasoning or non-verbal reasoning. There is no comprehension paper for English in the NWSSEE.

Candidates sometimes come to the NWSSEE with an English composition that they have learned by heart. However, they must write about the subject as shown on the question paper. If they write about another subject, which they have prepared in advance, they will be given a much lower mark.


Can I get specimen papers or sample questions for the NWSSEE?

We do not provide specimen papers. The content of the English and Maths papers broadly matches what is commonly covered at Key Stage 2 at Primary School. Candidates will need to adapt their learning to tackle some of the questions. Sample questions can be found below.

NWSSEE Maths Sample Questions & Answers

NWSSEE English Sample Questions

NWSSEE English Notes


Will my child be given any rough paper during the NWSSEE?

No. Rough paper will not be provided. It is fine for candidates to use any additional space on the Question Papers for their workings out.


Will my daughter’s working out receive any marks in the Maths paper?

There are no marks for working out, only the final answer is marked.


Can my daughter use pencil for the NWSSEE papers?

In line with common practice at Primary School, candidates are expected to use pencil for the Maths paper and black or blue biro or pen for the English paper. However, candidates will not be penalised for using pencil for the English paper.


Does my daughter have to pass both parts of the NWSSEE?

Yes. Candidates must achieve the minimum qualifying threshold in both parts of the NWSSEE to be eligible for a place.


What are the pass marks in the NWSSEE?

It is not possible to state the pass marks for the English and Maths papers in advance of the examination. The pass marks will be decided after the papers have been marked.


Does my daughter’s score in the Selective Eligibility Test count towards her score in the NWSSEE?

Yes. The marks in the NWSSEE will be added to half of the aggregate mark achieved in the SET, with each part carrying equal weight, to create a total score in the Entrance Test.


Do you make allowances for age (as in a child whose birthday is at one end of the school year)?

Yes. Age standardisation is applied to the results of the Selective Eligibility Test and each of the English and Maths tests which make up the NWSSEE before the aggregate score is calculated.


Can my daughter sit the NWSSEE if she has not sat the Selective Eligibility Test?

No. It is a requirement that all candidates pass the Selective Eligibility Test in order to be invited to sit the NWSSEE.


Are there any other opportunities to sit the NWSSEE?

There are no alternative dates to sit the NWSSEE except if your daughter is unfit to sit the test on the day. A medical certificate/evidence covering 1 October confirming your daughter was not fit to sit the test on the day will be required.


Can we request a morning or afternoon slot for the NWSSEE?

In view of the number of candidates, it is not possible to manage requests for a specific session. However, if there is a significant reason a candidate cannot attend the session allocated e.g. hospital appointment, you will need to email us with evidence. However, we cannot guarantee we will be able to change the session.


What if my child has additional needs and will need access arrangements?

You will have already provided details of these when completing the online registration for your child to sit the Selective Eligibility Test. You will have been informed of the arrangements that will be put in place for your child at the NWSSEE.


When do I find out the outcome of the NWSSEE?

You will be notified by email whether or not your child has passed the NWSSEE prior to the CAF deadline. Please note that because of oversubscription, many candidates who pass the entrance test will not be made an offer on National Offer Day. The outcome of the NWSSEE is valid for applications to Nonsuch High School for Girls and Wallington High School for Girls.


I am no longer interested in a place at Nonsuch or Wallington Girls; what should I do?

If you are no longer interested in a place at either school, then your daughter does not need to sit the NWSSEE. If this is the case, it would be appreciated if you could email admissions@girlslearningtrust.org to let us know.


I have a question that isn’t covered here; what should I do?

Please email admissions@girlslearningtrust.org