2019 Admissions Policy Consultation

Proposed Changes to Admissions Arrangements – Consultation Period

In accordance with the School Admissions Code 2014, please find attached our draft admission arrangements for entry to the School in September 2019.  The consultation period lasts from Friday 24 November 2017 to Friday 12 January 2018 and responses must be received by then. In your response, please include your full name, title and contact details and indicate whether you have a daughter in the school. Responses can be sent by:

The proposed changes are highlighted in yellow on the Draft Admissions Policy. In summary they:


increase from 10 to 35 the number of places specifically available for children in receipt of pupil premium


introduce a lower pass mark in the Selective Eligibility Test and/or the Second Stage Entrance Examinations for pupils who are in receipt of pupil premium


reduce the minimum average point score for entry to the sixth form from 6.5 to 6


introduce a priority criterion for entry to the sixth form for pupils who are in receipt of pupil premium


make more clear the move from 4 subjects in Year 12 and 3 A Levels in Year 13 to a 2 year linear course of 3 A levels