Year 13



Students are able to self-refer any time throughout the year to meet with our independent and impartial careers advisor or our higher education advisor to discuss any last minute concerns or questions they may have. They may do this by emailing Mrs Tingley who is Coordinator of Careers Education within school. Students are also encouraged to visit the schools careers library and careers website on Frog. Both provide access to impartial and independent information about a wide range of careers, education and training options and are encouraged to carry out further independent research and exploration.


On the first day of the Autumn Term, medics and dentists hand in to the Director of Sixth Form their UKCAT scores, as a basis for advice about strategic application to medical/ dental school. They are also encouraged to arrange a meeting with the Director of Sixth Form, Head of Year or form tutor to discuss their personal statement.  Oxbridge applicants hand in a draft personal statement to the Oxbridge Coordinator who provides one-to-one feedback.  The School deadline for the completion of ‘early’ application forms is the third week of September, to enable all forms to be checked by the Director of Sixth Form and the Head teacher ahead of the UCAS deadline of mid October.

During November mock interviews are arranged for all applicants to Oxbridge, all applicants for Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy and any other student who requests one. In December student’s interviews at Oxford and Cambridge and other universities begin. When a student returns from a university interview, we ask her to write up her interview, which is then stored and made available to the following year’s applicants. Throughout the autumn term, after school sessions are run for Oxbridge applicants to help develop their divergent thinking skills. All applicants are expected to attend these sessions. St George’s University run a workshop in school on the medical mini interviews for medic applicants.

Spanish -Amadea

Amadea in Year 13, with the Spanish Ambassador Federico Trillo after winning the prestigious Canning House Spanish Essay Competition

Applications for courses, other than the ones listed above, experience exactly the same processes, with a later school deadline of early- November. All personal statements and references are proof-read by an experienced team, which includes members of the Senior Leadership Team.

Students take part in a 9 month enrichment programme. The programme gives students the opportunity to enhance their employability or soft skills that employers are looking for by volunteering in the local community. Students can choose to volunteer with a number of organisations that offer the school placements; these include local charity shops, care homes and primary schools.  Alternatively, students are able to find their own placement or remain in school and take part in the school mentoring programme, working with classes lower down in the school. The PwC Guide to Employability Skills talks about the skills employers are looking for and how students can evidence these skills.


Students begin to get responses from universities. Once they have heard from all five, students are encouraged to discuss their offers with their form tutor or the sixth form team. The deadline for most students to make their Firm and Insurance choice is early May.

Each week the school receives from UCAS an Applicants’ Status Report, which enables the sixth form team and form tutors to track and monitor the progress of each student’s application.


By early May the students have made their Firm and Insurance decision and their deadline for applying for Student Finance is the end of May. They can therefore focus on their A2 examinations.

A Level Results’ Day is the third Thursday in August and, if students worked reflectively on their application since the beginning of the process, taken advice on board, worked hard and made wise choices, this is the date on which their university place is confirmed!