Year 12


Students are able to self-refer any time throughout the year to meet with our independent and impartial careers advisor or our higher education advisor by emailing Mrs Tingley who is Coordinator of Careers Education within school. 

Autumn term

Avon Tyrell 2014 web pic

Y12 Avon Tyrell Trip

All Year 12 students are invited on a weekend residential to Avon Tyrrell (see photos). Students participate in a variety of workshops which focus on problem solving and creative thinking. The aim of the weekend is help students become more independent and divergent in their thinking. Students will develop a wider range of skills which are transferable to their A level studies. In addition, students also take part in team building outdoor activities.

Students are invited to attend a University Lecture Taster Event in the Autumn term - a joint venture between Nonsuch High School for Girls and Wallington High School for Girls and Year 12 students from both schools are invited to attend.  The event gives students the opportunity to experience some of the varied university courses on offer and see how university lectures differ from classes they take at school. They also have the opportunity to network with academics from the various universities who run the lectures.

Year 12 students have the opportunity for a careers consultation with our careers advisor. Students who are new to the sixth form are prioritised. They have the opportunity to discuss how their A level choices fit into their longer term career plans. They will be given advice about how to organise work experience and when are the best times to do it. Students are also given the opportunity to meet with our HE Advisor to discuss their options post Sixth Form.  The HE advisor provides information, advice and guidance to help students assess their values, interests, abilities and skills and relate these to opportunities for employment, further study and training. The advisor will also equip students with the tools to make informed decisions and choices. Students may book or change their appointment by emailing Mrs Tingley, who is Coordinator of Careers Education in school.

Students have a final opportunity to sit the Morrisby Online Careers Assessment. Benefits of the assessment may include increased self-awareness by providing objective analysis of aptitudes, interests, motivations and preferences and may also provide students with focus, direction and motivation in their studies and help them to select the most relevant Higher Education subjects. Morrisby Online supports students with lifetime access to their own personal interactive career and educational planning website. Student receive feedback in the form of an on-line report which includes students aptitudes, career interests, preferred working environment, employment style and suitabkility and also Higher Education course information. Further informttion can be found in the Morrisby leaflet or via their website.


Our annual Higher Education Evening is held in the spring term. The aim of the evening is to introduce students and parents to the university application process. We will explain what students need to do prior to their application. We also aim to give them an overview of the process and a sense of where universities ‘set the bar’. Guidance is also given to students who might be considering applying abroad.

Additional information evenings are held for potential Oxbridge applicants, which is led by Dr Jonathan Padley of Churchill College, Cambridge and a medics evening for Medics, Dentists and Vets on applications, the fifth choice, BMAT and UKCAT.

Research shows that 'appropriate experiences of the world of work can increase the learner’s motivation to learn across the curriculum and give relevance to their learning programme and increase their knowledge and understanding of the requirements of the world of work. Work-related learning experiences enhance the learner’s self-awareness, develop their career exploration, career planning skills and help them make informed decisions about their future education, training or employment pathway. Experience of the world of work can make a major contribution to a learner’s preparation for adult and working life.' With this in mind all students are given the opportunity to take part in the school work experience programme. This gives students the opportunity to sample a career they are interested in, get a sense of the industry and speak to employees and employers about the career area. It also helps students build on their employability skills during the one week placement. The PwC guide to Employability Skills talks about the skills employers are looking for and how students can evidence these skills. Students find their own placements with the help of personal contacts and contacts from the schools work experience database. 


After Year 12 exams, all students have the opportunity to participate in a week's work experience.   Students are supported in finding a placement and are encouraged to work in the career area they are considering pursuing later.  

We run our UCAS programme when students return the end of Year 12 examinations. The programme includes the following sessions:

  • making choices and how to apply using the  UCAS system
  • writing  your Personal Statement – with input from a guest speaker and admissions officers from different universities
  • applying to Oxbridge – the calibre of successful applicants, admissions tests, the interview
  • alternatives to university including GAP Year placements, school leaver programmes, mock interviews & preparing your CV
  • writing a first draft personal statement.

During July, each student has a one-to-one meeting with a member of staff to discuss the first draft of their personal statement. In addition, the Director of Sixth Form, the Oxbridge Coordinator and the Head of Year have a one-to-one discussion with each student who at this stage is considering putting in an early application – Dentistry, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and all Oxbridge courses. Year 12 form tutors will also have a one-to-one meeting with each of their students about their plans and begin the process of writing their university reference.

Throughout the term, students are encouraged to go both to formal university open days and to make informal visits to university towns and cities. A list of open days can be found here. The school organises a visit to Oxford and Cambridge for all students considering applying. Once Year 12 exam results are issued, the Director of Sixth Form and Head of Year have one-to-one discussions with students, helping  early applicants to confirm their choices , seeing those whose exam results require a change of plan. These include students who may wish to apply outside the UK. These discussions start after Year 12 exam results and continue into the autumn term. Students will also be encouraged to organise work experience during their summer holidays and receive information regarding internships, placements and summer schools. Potential dentists and medics are encouraged to sit the UKCAT exam.

Students are also encouraged to visit the schools careers/HE library and careers/HE websites on Frog. Both provide access to impartial and independent information about a wide range of careers, education and training options and students are encouraged to carry out further independent research and exploration.


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