Guidance for External Applicants

To apply to the Sixth Form at Nonsuch High School for Girls you must complete a Sixth Form Application Form online.  The online application process opens on 16 November 20156and will close at midnight on 7 December 2016.

Important - Before completing the online application form please read the following information carefully as well as the Course Prospectus 2017-2019

Step 1

Access the Sixth Form Application Form via Then click on:

·         Admissions

·         Sixth Form Admissions

·         External Application Form

Step 2

Complete the form following the on-screen instructions. When you have finished, click “Submit Form” on the last page. This will instigate an acknowledgement email to your email address detailed on your application form.

Step 3

Please refer to the Admissions Application Process on page 11 of the Course Prospectus 2017-2019 for key dates. The next communication from us is likely to be during January/February 2017.

If you have any other queries about your application, please email