Guidance for Applicants from other Schools

To apply to the Sixth Form at Nonsuch High School for Girls you must complete a Sixth Form Application Form online.  The online application process opens on 14 November 2018 and will close at midnight on 4 January 2019.

Important - Before completing the online application form please read the following information carefully as well as the Course Prospectus 2019-2021 & A Level Subject Courses 2019-2021.


Please be aware that in line with GDPR’s legitimate use for the provision of education, we declare that personal information (first name and last name) has been provided to a third party to enable this service and that the service will only be online for the duration of the process at which point the service will be terminated.

Step 1

Access the Sixth Form Application Form from the list on the right or via and click on:

  • Sixth Form
  • Sixth Form Admissions
  • Sixth Form Application Form

Step 2

Complete the form following the on-screen instructions. You need to choose three subjects (numbered 1 to 3 in preference order) and a fourth reserve subject (labelled R). When you have finished, click “Submit Form” on the last page. This will instigate an acknowledgement email to your email address detailed on your application form.

If choosing the Mathematics & Further Mathematics option, you must choose two more subjects and a reserve.

Step 3

Please refer to the Admissions Application Process for key dates.  The next communication from us is likely to be during February 2019.

If you have any other queries about your application, please email