Welcome from the Student Leadership Team

The Nonsuch High School for Girls' Student Leadership Team plays an important part in supporting the school in organising and running a host of events ranging from our annual Careers Evening to Sixth Form Induction Day. The team consists of five Sixth Formers, who meet on a weekly basis with the Headteacher and Director of Sixth Form to discuss upcoming events and activities. As representatives of the student body, our roles include speaking at school events, working with year representatives from Key Stages 3, 4, and 5, chairing School Council meetings, and much much more. We are here to represent student views to the staff body in order to enhance communication and collaboration.

Words from the student leadership team:

We consider ourselves a very diverse team with a range of skill sets, and we look forward to working alongside our colleagues on the Arts Team, Sports Team, 6th Form Committee and School Council to further develop opportunities for students in school.

You can contact us on our email at:  StudentLeadership@nonsuchschool.org

Student Leadership Opportunities

Every member of the Sixth Form is given the opportunity to hold a position of responsibility enabling her to develop leadership and managerial skills and to contribute directly and significantly to the development of the school community.

In the spring term of Year 12, students will be able to apply for the positions of Student Leadership Team, Sixth Form Committee, House Officials and Form Representatives. They can compete (by interview) for the roles of Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl, Sports Captain or Arts Captain. Alternatively they may apply for the positions of House Officials (14 positions). Members of the Sixth Form Committee undertake a number of roles including being a Tutor Group Mentor and carrying out a lunch time duty. In addition, members of the committee are responsible for planning and organising the Year 13 leaver’s ball. The Chair and Vice Chair are elected by the Sixth Form student body. Thirty girls will be appointed School Prefects and as part of this role they will be allocated a Tutor Group in the lower school to work with.

The Head Girl and her Deputies are the representatives of the student body at official functions and the intermediary between the Headteacher and the students. Their duties involve speaking at events such as Open Day and Prize Givings, attending School Council and organising and overseeing the Prefect teams. They will meet regularly with both the Headteacher and The Director of Sixth Form. The Sports and Arts Captains work closely with the Heads of Departments to promote these fields throughout the school and to celebrate sporting and artistic achievements.

School Prefects are each attached to a form (Years 7–11) and attend afternoon registration once a week with duties of assisting administration and of mentoring. They attend assemblies with their form and can support their form in other activities as appropriate.

House Officials work with staff to organise house activities and inter-house competitions.

Sixth Form Tutor Representatives are responsible for working with the Student Leadership Team to discuss and help implement new initiatives. They will also represent the Sixth Form at whole school council meetings.