Waiting List

The initial allocation of offers for entry in September 2017, is made on National Offer Day, 1 March 2017. On this day, all parents/carers will be notified by their Home Local Authority of the school place allocated for September 2017.

The parents/carers of girls who were allocated a place at Nonsuch are asked to confirm acceptance of the place in writing by Monday 13 March 2017.

Responses from the parents of all those allocated a place need to be received and processed before the School is in a position to make second round offers. No further offers will be made by any London Borough of Sutton school before 20 March 2017. Thereafter offers will be made by Home Local Authorities as and when vacancies occur, throughout the summer.

If your daughter was deemed selective ability in the entrance tests but is not allocated a place because there are insufficient places, then she will automatically be added to the ranked waiting list held by the London Borough of Sutton.


If your daughter is not allocated a place because she receives a higher preference school offer and if you are still interested in a place at Nonsuch, you must notify your Home Local Authority as well as email admissions@nonsuch.sutton.sch.uk to advise that you wish to place your daughter’s name on our waiting list.

Parents may request the position of their daughter our waiting list from 17 April 2017. Parents are alerted to the fact that waiting list positions are not static and can move up or down. (They move up if a student is offered a place, but declines it; they move down if a parent of a higher scoring student makes a late request that she be added to the waiting list or a student moves into the area.) Parents who would like to know their daughter’s position on the waiting list should email admissions@nonsuch.sutton.sch.uk.

The determined admissions policy for Nonsuch High School for Girls (2017 entry) is available to you on the admissions page of the School’s website www.nonsuchschool.org