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Nonsuch High School Charitable Trust

The Nonsuch High School Charitable Trust was incorporated on 26 March 2010 as a charitable company, limited by guarantee.  It is registered with the charitable commission under charity number 1137656.  The company was established under a Memorandum of Association that established the objects and powers of the charitable company and is governed under its Articles of Association.

The objectives of the Trust are to advance the education of the students at Nonsuch High School by supplementing the educational provision and facilities at the school so that all students benefit from an enriched curriculum, extensive extra curricular activities and an enhanced environment that supports learning.

The Trust has a board of seven trustees which comprises four independent members, appointed by the Governing Body who have close links to the school and who volunteer their time and expertise to support the school’s aims; three members are appointed from the school’s governors. The Headteacher is a governor and trustee.  

Independent Trustees Dependent Trustees
Mr J Clay
Miss A Taylor
Mrs D Evans
Mr D Cameron
Mrs A Cooke


School Fund

The Trust acts as the principal conduit for parental contributions made to the Nonsuch School Fund.  Parental contributions, which are voluntary, make a very important contribution to the school and enable Nonsuch to provide the best education in the widest sense for all students.

Nonsuch also receives the profit from the community use of school premises and facilities currently managed by Nonsuch Business Enterprises Ltd.  For information on lettings, please click here.

Financial Statements

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Name Date File Size  
2012 Financial Statements 02nd Jul 20145 MB Download
2013 Financial Statements 02nd Jul 20145 MB Download
2014 Financial Statements 16th Oct 2015687 KB Download
2015 Financial Statements 14th Jan 2016587 KB Download
2016 Financial Statements 19th Jan 20183 MB Download
2017 Financial Statements 19th Jan 20183 MB Download