Value for Money Statement



I accept that as Accounting Officer for Nonsuch High School for Girls I am responsible for ensuring that the Academy Trust delivers good value in the use of public resources.  I am aware of the Guide to Academy Value for Money Statements published by the Education Funding Agency and I understand that value for money refers to the educational and wider social outcomes achieved in return for the taxpayer resources received.

I set out below how I have ensured that the Academy Trust’s use of resources has provided good value for money during the academic year.

Improving Educational Results

  • Rigorous tracking of student progress and achievement to ensure interventions and support are targeted to realise best outcome.
  • All pupil premium students made 3 levels of progress in English and Maths.  75% of all their grades were at A/A* compared to an FFT target of 65%.  100% of disadvantaged students made better than expected progress in English and Mathematics.  Value added for these students is 1051.1 compared to the overall school score of 1048.9.  Progress of SEN students is equally impressive, their value added is 1073.
  • Easter revision classes were introduced for pupil premium and bursary students.
  • The broad curriculum, extra curriculum and extension activities provide students with the opportunity to achieve the highest levels of academic and personal achievement which their abilities allow.
  • Our student achievement is outstanding (Ofsted 2013).
  • Our 2014 results show an improvement compared to the previous year.
  • At A level the A*/A  grades increased from 51% to 60%.
  • At GCSE  83.4% of our students achieved A*/A  grades.
  • We have reviewed our staffing structure and timetable to ensure teaching staff are efficiently deployed with minimal trapped periods providing best value.
  • Attendance is above 95%.
  • The School works closely with other secondary schools in the Sutton partnership. We collaborate over place planning, teacher training and the provision of INSET (In-Service Training).

Financial Performance

  • Financial Governance and oversight is robust.  The members of the Finance and Facilities Committee have financial and business experience.  Three members are qualified accountants.
  • The Governors receive regular reports and recommendations from the external auditor, Responsible Officer - the Governor responsible for internal checks and balances. 
  • Management accounts are circulated to governors on a monthly basis, expenditure is monitored against budget and any significant variances are reported accordingly.
  • The annual budget and 3-year budget plan is approved by governors and reviewed on a regular basis throughout the year.
  • Significant spending proposals are costed and presented to the Senior Leadership Team and the Governing Body for consideration and challenge.
  • The School obtains 3 quotes before incurring any expenditure above £1,000  and full tendering is applied to contracts whose annual or total value exceeds £25,000
  • The School routinely reviews contracts to ensure best value.  This year the photo copying and print contract was tendered and two companies appointed.   Best value has been achieved by appointing a company to provide a print solution to reduce the number of printers and introduce “follow me print”.  The copier contract was awarded through an experienced county supplier which will significantly reduce costs.  Software has been introduced to manage student and staff printing and copying.  This has already reduced wastage and ensured individuals are accountable for their usage.
  • The School has collaborated with other local academies and the local authority to procure competitive insurance cover.
  • The Network Manager has been influential in driving down licensing and hardware costs whilst significantly improving the network through better procurement and negotiation.
  • The School works with other local academies and schools to undertake cost comparison and benchmarking.
  • The School seeks to explore opportunities to generate additional funding and this year successfully applied for capital grants totalling £178k to upgrade the electrical intake and the next phase of rewiring.  Replacing inefficient lighting will reduce the carbon footprint and energy costs for the School.
  • The School successfully negotiated £1.5 million contribution from the local authority to extend the building to accommodate an additional form of entry from September 2015.
  • Nonsuch High School Charitable Trust has committed £800k to this Expansion Project with the School committing £330k from reserves.
  • The School invests the rental income received from David Lloyd and Treetops Nursery to improve the facilities and learning experience for students.
  • Nonsuch actively supports local sport and community groups by letting out facilities during the weekend and evening.  The income is used to maintain the facilities and improve the resources for our students and hirers.
  • The School ensures that all surplus funds are invested in low risk interest bearing accounts.

Peter Gale                                                                  
Accounting Officer

Date:  10 December 2014