Uniform Code

Students should dress in a manner suitable for a working environment. Students should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Smart jacket, blazer, jumper or cardigan.  No sweatshirts or hoodies are permitted
  • Smart dress, trousers or skirt
  • Smart black or dark blue jeans (not frayed)
  • Smart tops, blouse or shirt, plain t-shirt.  No thin strap tops, or tops that expose the midriff or cleavage are permitted

In addition:

  • Smart shoes or boots.  Heel height should be no more than 5 cm.  No trainers, Ugg boots or flip flops are permitted
  • Dress or skirt length (no shorter than 10cm above knee)
  • Subtle make-up (natural nails only)
  • Hair (natural colours only)

In addition, students will have a dress down Friday the last Friday of the half-term.

Allowing a personal choice of clothing is a privilege and not a right in the Sixth Form, and girls without suitable attire may be sent home to change.  Whilst we want you to be comfortable, you must, at the same time, respect the sensibilities of the main school pupils and the staff.